Wakeup Call-a Play by Sachin Gupta

Wake Up Call
Written & Directed by Sachin Gupta
on 08th May’10,7:30pm
K H Kala Soudha Auditorium
Ramanjaneya Temple Compound,
Hanumantha Nagar,Bangalore –50
Duration:60 min.,Language:Hindi
CAST: Sangeeta Panda,Faria Fatima,Vasant Jurro,Swaroopa Sahu,Ankur Sardana,Ritty Achenkunju,Pankaj Sharma,Vasu Poojary,Bala,Babita Dinesh,Sangamitra,Harshit Rastogi,Abhijit BHardwaj,Abhinav Tickoo,Swati Matta,Manisha F,Jitesh Bhandari,Gangadhar,Venu Gopal,Aparna,Ruta Potnis,Vidya Sharma

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“Chilsag Chillies, once again brings to Delhi a fresh script and youthful energy. “Wake up Call” successfully dissolves space an d role boundaries. The well and the stage are used equally well. The audience is also made part of the action. Its script determines that the play is not merely a play but a forum for discussion and an initiative for action. It received a standing ovation from the small yet enthusiastic audience.”

The Hindu ,14th September 2007

“To call Chilsag Chillies’s latest play A Wake-Up Call an experiment is an understatement. On entering Sri Ram Centre on September 7, for a moment it felt as if one had accidentally landed on the streets of Janpath.Director Sachin Gupta and his cast of 40 actors had put on such a convincing act that a few in the audience even started bargaining with the sellers.”

Indian Express, 12th September 2007

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