Sachin is a perfectionist. So as an actor you have to keep trying till its perfect.What I really admire about Sachin is his passion for theatre. His energy is infectious and it is wonderful to sit and discuss the characters with him. Each character is so real for him. They actually exist.

Sachin is a creative genius. His head is always buzzing with ideas. Every second is comes up with new idea.Each one more fantastic than the other. The speed at which he comes up with ideas makes me lose track of the last one. I can barely start trying to visualize the first one when another one comes up. It is truly amazing!

Our director always stresses on positive energy surrounding us at all times and that people around you can greatly influence our energy. I understand this completely. Good people around me make me happy and creative…

Madhura Roy

It seems that Sachin has faith in us and in his own way, he gives us a platform to experiment. Sometimes he is very strict, and sometimes very relaxed. I guess it depends on the amount of work he has in hand. I really appreciate that he believed I could carry such strong roles, and that he gave me the opportunity to perform them. What I can say about Sachin is that I think he is a very gifted human being who has so many ideas/thoughts which are worth taking notice of. Finally, I have to say it was quite fun and an experience that I hope does not end soon. Thank you.

Sara Capela

It was a wonderful experience ..Sachin has always been so supportive and patient I must say ..He makes you understand your mistakes in a very comfortable way that helps you improve and give your best then.

Swati Malhotra

Working with Sachin Gupta was a great and enriching experience. I did realize that he is a bundle of talent with a lot of ideas and thoughts. However, these were never imposed upon the actors. They were always put across in an amicable manner,thereby giving maximum freedom and autonomy to him/her. I also observed qualities like patience and humility which are always valued and respected. I would like to wish him the very best in all his future professional and personal endeavors.

Nisha Sachdeva

Sachin is more like a friend than a director to whom you can go and discuss your doubts and problems. He has an amazing leadership skills and infectious passion for acting that rubs off on you. I never for one time felt that Sachin is our boss and the director. He was more like a friend and used to immerse himself intensely in all the group exercises that we did and that helped us to unwind ourselves easily. Looking forward to continue working with him.

Sumit Gogia

My work-ex with sachin sir was very brief but was truly amazing.he’s really a gem of a person.not to mention very cool,calm and composed…..even though we all used to create a fish market of every scene(literally)…he was amazing enough to tolerate us all

Sunny Singh

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