To apply for an internship, please send us a letter in response to the questions below. The purpose of this letter is to help us get to know you and to design an internship that best suits your needs. Each season we will select interns from among the letters we receive. In your letter, please include your answers to the following questions:

Why would you like to be an intern at Chilsag Chillies?

What do you hope to learn or do during your internship?

Describe 2-3 goals that you would like to achieve in your work with us. There is a lot we do here at Chilsag in which you can be involved. The more specific you are able to be in describing your goals, the more likely we will be to help you meet them. Your goals may relate to areas of Costume Designing, Marketing, Stage Lighting, Choreography, Yoga exercises, Graphic/Web Designing,Theatre Research.

During your internship you will be asked to choose a principal project to improve our programs or resources. If you have an idea of what kind of project you would like to do, you may propose it here as a part of your written goals. If you haven’t decided specifically what your main project will be, please focus on your personal goals for the internship in this letter and propose a project during your internship.

Do you have any prior experience, training, or knowledge that would be relevant to this internship?

What kind of time commitment can you offer?

What are your scheduling preferences?

Thank you for your thoughtful response to these questions! We will look forward to hearing from you!

We expect a willingness to work hard and high standards of performance. Intern should be a self-motivated student.