Drama Therapy Centre

What is Drama Therapy?
To help children & adults address feelings and thoughts they cannot express in words. Its goal is to help the child work out issues over a series of sessions in activities that the child initiates.

    Our expressive therapy has been designed in a way that  help you to make your inner life visible without words
    increased self-esteem, the ability to protect from future abuse,  and the general increase in confidence that would be required it returning to an abusive situation
    that children who suffer abuse are emotionally withdrawn. But, after time is spent with them, they become more out-going.
    Children who engage in our Drama Therapy sessions develops Positive self-image, self-esteem, and self-discipline.
    Improvement in Communication and social skills.

Who can benefits from this?
Our Drama therapy sessions  has helped Students with stress and anxiety, depression, Phobia, children with a learning disability,grief and loss, physical illness, physical abuse,sexual abuse, behavioral problems, special needs, family dysfunction, relationship issues, anger management, negative thinking, parenting frustrations, career challenges and physical disabilities. We use the Drama Therapy in wide variety of settings, including hospitals, schools, mental health centers, prisons, and businesses. 

How does it help?
In our drama therapy sessions ,We use all  playful, active, and powerful approach that has been found to be effective & has been widely appreciated amongst  people with emotional and physical problems, particularly those who suffer from child abuse,neglect, Depression & Fear from Failure
A child, or any client for that matter, is a changed person after drama therapy.It helps people understand their thoughts and emotions better or to improve their behavior.

What Age Group?
We work with children of all ages and abilities in educational and non-educational settings. 

How do I get in touch with Chilsag Drama Therapy Centre?
If you require anymore information, including details about our Therapy sessions, please contact the  Director Sachin Gupta at 9899838299 or emailChilsag@gmail.com
Our drama therapists have come from the world of Theatre and have the expertise  to facilitate change and growth in students ..Depending on the goals and needs of the children, our  drama therapist chooses a method  that will achieve the desired combination of understanding, emotional release, and learning of new behavior.