Theatre Company

Chilsag Chillies Theatre Company prides itself in being one of the few theatre companies that showcase their own original creations. Within the short period of its existence, Chilsag Chillies Theatre Company has been able to set a benchmark of success in the field of theatre. The very first production of the company, “Celebration of Life”, was felicitated by the chief minister of Delhi, Sheila Dixit and was also appreciated internationally when it was performed at the Factory Theatre, Toronto, Canada and Off-Broadway Theare,New York. The high standard set by the first production has only been matched, if not surpassed, by the succeeding productions.

Chilsag’s Theatre Laboratory is passionately involved in gathering information on theatre from all over the world to preserve the theatre heritage.

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Original Plays by Theatre Company

Celebration Of Life (2003), English, Drama/65min
The Handicapped City (2004), English, Drama/80min
Live Telecast (2005), Bilingual, Comedy/35min
Devil’s Carnival (2005), Musical, Drama/35min
Don’t Miss my Party (2005), Hindi, Drama/55min
No Cheating Today (2005), Hindi, Comedy/40min
Suicide is Painless (2005), Bilingual, Drama/65min
Next Indian Idol (2005), Hindi, Comedy/35min
Great Mind At work (2005), Hindi, Comedy/60min
KailashNath weds Madhumati (2006), Hindi, Comedy/60min
A Roller Coaster Ride (2007), English, Children’s Play/70min
Wake Up Call(2007),Hindi,Drama/65min
The Play Begins @8pm(2010),Hindi,Drama/60min