The essence of a cinema is said to be its editing. Editing is a process that not only requires an abundance of creativity, it also requires sheer focus and an attention to detail. Our dedicated team at Chilsag always ensures the best by putting these elements together with a touch of excellence. We are equipped with cutting-edge technology that helps us assist you in any desired way. From choosing the suitable footage to perfecting the final draft to its last bit, we work to put together the best in bringing your vision to life.

Sound Designing
Sound is an artistic element that provides depth to any film. It makes the experience immersive and enhances the overall look of the final product. With the best technology available in the industry, Chilsag aims to provide the finest sound experience for your project. Our team of sound designers and engineers are inept in lending the best quality sound effects and tailored tracks that caters to your needs. From recording to mixing, we deliver your requirements with a dash of perfection

A film is rendered incomplete without a perfect blend of Visual Effects. VFX has the power to turn magic into reality and vice versa. Equipped with high-end technology, our team of VFX supervisors and producers at Chilsag understand what it takes to provide you with the best services. We ensure the best to manipulate technology into creating a world that resonates with your style. Our skilled team dedicates their times to bring out the greatest immersive visual experience to your product with a sprinkle of magic.

Colour Grading
Digital intermediate is the process that distinguishes a normal piece of video from a cinematic masterpiece. Colour grading sets the tone and mood of every video project and allows any frame to extend beyond the screen to provide a surreal experience to the audience. Armed with the latest technology, our team of experts at Chilsag knows what is best when it comes to turning the work beautiful. Aesthetics play an important role in the final visual presentation of the film and we guarantee the finest service in rendering your needs.