Actor Training Program

Chilsag Chllies Theatre Company is seeking students who are serious about preparing themselves for a career in theatre arts to join us for the upcoming 13th season. Chilsag has historically shown a commitment to providing an educational and creative home for the next generation of performing artists, playwrights, directors, designers, and technicians.We continue to offer opportunities for pre-professionals to train, perform, design and work as vital members of the theatre community.
Our highly regarded Summer Performance Training Apprentice Program offers 10 students from all over the country a multifaceted approach to actor training with a strong emphasis on Acting & Body Movement as well as Vocal techniques for the theatre & Films. The basic focus of the program is on improving the actors’ skills and depth of experience. Students should be prepared for a vigorous and all-encompassing approach to professional theatre. Apprentices will also be required to assist in a variety of departments including production as needed.

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