Speech & Drama

Speech & Drama Therapy for Kids

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

“The ability to speak with Power,Clarity & Confidence is one of the best tools for success in today’s

Our Speech & Drama classes allows the student to really open up and explore. Students learn to use
their voices to speak clearly & with purpose. It helps children to gain confidence and self-belief which
will carry them throughout their lives, engages students in a creative process of sharing, developing and
expressing emotions and ideas.Breaking out of the comfort zone the individual reaches a new level of
artistic understanding as well as improved communication.


• Identifies and explores the elements of drama to develop belief and clarity in character, role,
situation and action.
• Devises and enacts drama using scripted and unscripted material .
• Able to use clear diction and vocal projection,improves listening, speaking, concentrating and
observing skills
• Reflecting on and appreciating literature and drama
• Applies acting and performance techniques expressively and collaboratively to communicate
dramatic meaning .
• Develop fundamental vocal and physicalisation techniques appropriate to conveying

Individual Sessions for Kids

Duration –One Hour

Four to Six sessions in a month

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