The Company

A versatile film-making enterprise based in India with global artistic calibre and dynamic creatives to its credit, Chilsag Pictures forms a prolific division of Chilsag Entertainment Network. Since it’s inception in 2012, the team has been dedicated to projecting untold stories of the era in a visually striking manner, to give way to compelling themes and ideas, and to contribute to meaningful cinema in the country. A cinema that speaks to the people beyond words.This is achieved through meticulous energy put into conceptualisation, writing, producing, directing, cinematography and post-production. Above all, by excising its cinematic excellence and strong hold over quality content, Chilsag Motion Pictures has created an opus of widely acclaimed short films, web series, feature films documentaries . The likes of which are “Paranthe Wali Gali” and “Thoda Lutf Thoda Ishq” which were a commercial successes. The company aspires to elevate the standard of cinema to an impeccably innovative, authentic and holistic expression of life…


Established in 2003 by Sachin Gupta, the company operates a diversified portfolio in the world of cinema and performing arts. It is widely known for it's compelling themes and subject driven content.


Vision & values

To develop leaders in the field of entertainment and performing arts
To entertain , educate, and inspire
To produce challenging, progressive and Contemptary work
To create an environment that appreciates and encourages theatre and cinema

What Leaders Say

Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam


” Happy to know chilsag is
staging  an english play
‘Handicapped City’. The
president extends his warm
greetings & good wishes to the play. 

Sheila Dixit


“The efforts made by Chilsag
Chillies Theatre group in
performing art that cuts
across social & economic
divide & its endeavors in
encouraging excellence in this
field praiseworthy.”

Shivraj Patil


“It is also gratifying to know
that Chilag is using the
medium of theatre for the
upliftment of the society. And
i am sure the Chilsag Chillies
will do their best & wish their
endeavour all success.”